Design & Development

Custom tooling, jigs and fixtures

Stamping to 150 tons

Press brake to 300 tons, 12' bed

Roll forming on the fly with production rates to 3,000 fph

Injection molding

Iron phosphate metal pretreatment

Production powder coating


Outsourcing: specialty items, fasteners, packaging, materials, etc.

Automated bagging

Custom services

DELTA Industries
Contract Manufacturing & Fabrication
If you have experienced production problems in the past, you need to call us today. We strive to be on your vendor list so that when the time comes and you are in need of a turnkey source, we will be ready to serve you. From evaluating your needs to providing a quality finished part with fast, reliable turn around time, Delta Industries is here to help. We are pleased to provide a prototype or first article upon your request, along with Quality Assurance reports. We are confident that you will be pleased with our quality and service and will find Delta Industries to be an excellent vendor and source for your needs. Click HERE to learn about our new facility. Call us today!

Product Design Assistance
Delta can provide many of the functions you will need when you are just starting out on a new project or product. We specialize in developing new products from conception to completion by contributing all of the operations under one roof. If design of your product is needed, let our design team develop a construction roadmap to get you started onto the road to success.

Specialty & Promotional

We can help you promote your business with beautiful giveaway items for your existing customers or for use as an incentive to obtain new business. Click the button below to see some of the promotions we've helped our clients develop and produce.

Custom Tooling
We can provide all of the necessary tooling, dies and fixtures to manufacture your product to your specifications. We have all the necessary resources to get it done right the first time, on time, every time. In addition, we can also utilize your existing tooling to save you even more!

Stamping & Forming
Once the tooling is completed for your product, our stamping, forming & fabrication departments take over. Here your item will travel through the necessary departments to create it. Our high volume capacity can produce your parts with a fast turn-around and more importantly, at a competitive rate. This all adds up to cost savings for you and a tremendous value. Our manufacturing facility operates at the following capacities:

  • Stamping Capacity: 150 tons
  • Press Brake Capacity: 300 tons with a 12 foot bed
  • Roll Forming Capacity: 3000 feet per hour

When your parts are ready for finishing, we can handle that process as well. Our production powder coating line accommodates all standard and custom colors and finishes. Our production line is state of the art with the ability to coat 20,000 parts in 80 minutes. Does your current supplier meet those specifications? Your parts will travel this process:

  • are masked and prepped
  • are racked onto our 740' high-speed conveyor system
  • are pre-treated through our 63' multi-stage power washer
  • enter into our dry-off convection oven to prep for finishing
  • enter into our computer-controlled powder booth where multiple automatic reciprocator guns apply the powder with precision accuracy
  • enter into our 11,000 cu ft convection bake oven for curing
  • exit the oven, are unracked and carefully packaged for shipping

Assembly & Distribution
Our complete assembly department will assemble and package your product to your exact specifications and ship to any final destination you request. We pride ourselves on being the most complete, premier one-stop shop providing everything you need.

Delta has built a network of affiliate companies to bring to you the most complete turnkey production company available. If we cannot do a specific aspect in-house, we have the premier source that can. Do not hesitate to give us a call today. There are many turnkey/contract manufacturing projects we can do for you and your company.

Call or Email us today for a quote. You will be glad you did!


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