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Powder Coating
Delta Industries has the most modern powder coating facility designed to accommodate your high volume production needs. The state of the art facility provides rapid turn-around performance. Our Central Western location assures you of efficient, timely delivery.

Powder coating is an environmentally safe method of applying permanent colors or clear finishes to most metals, select wood and plastic materials. The strong, durable, chip resistant finish is a "value added" enhancement to any product. Powder coating is also impervious to most interior and exterior conditions. Our capabilities include the technology to powder coat wood products. Are you having difficulty with coated parts? We offer the latest in coating technology and can resolve your problems. High volume is our specialty.


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Metal Pre-Treating
Delta Industries utilizes an Iron Phosphate pre-treatment process. This is a premium wash to insure the highest quality finish for your parts. Our 63 foot multi-stage washer assures proper adhesion to extend coating life up to 10 times that of less rigorous processes.

Automated Production Line
Our 740 foot high speed conveyor accommodates part racks capable of holding 100,000 plus parts at one time. Parts move from the washer to our 8-gun automated powder application booth. These fully programmable reciprocating guns will reach the toughest of spots repeatedly and consistently. Our pricing advantage is due to our low rejection rate and volume throughput. This line does it all!

Final Finish
The 11,000 cubic foot gas-fired convection oven heat fuses the coating to the parts after they have left the powder booth. This provides the finest in powder coated surface finishes. Coatings range from numerous standard colors and finishes to custom colors and matches, textures, UVA protection, high heat finish, teflon, etc. Our line is so efficient we can powder coat 20,000 pieces in 80 minutes. Why are you waiting for your parts for weeks from a batch coater? Contact us today with your part drawings or samples for a quote.

From before the time your parts reach our plant to the time they leave, we will coordinate all of your transportation needs. Special crating requirements? No problem. Submit your specifications with your quote request and we will accommodate all of your shipping and packaging requests.

Our high volume production line can accommodate 100,000 plus parts at one time.

Our computer controlled powder coat booth has 8 reciprocating guns to insure your parts are coated to perfection.

Why wait weeks for a batch coater only to have part after part rejected? Call Delta Industries today for a free quote.

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Contact us today with your part drawings or samples

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