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Roll Forming

Cold roll forming is a process whereby flat metal of a predetermined width and thickness in a continuous coil is fed into a series of powered, mating pairs of roller dies as shown in the series of illustrations to the right. As the metal passes from one set of dies to the next, it is formed into a progressive succession of configurations, each bringing the section a little nearer to the completed part than the one preceding it. A simple section may take only three pairs of roller dies, while twelve or more pairs may be required to produce a complex section. Roller dies must be machined very accurately from a high grade steel, carefully hardened and then precision ground. It is sometimes possible to pre-punch holes, slots, or perforate, emboss or slit the strip prior to its entry into the roll forming machine. Precision tolerances which are not practical with other methods of production are routine with roll forming. There is practically no limit to the length of roll formed sections as the raw material is obtained in continuous coils.

Below is a small sampling of the thousands of possible configurations of roll forming.

DELTA Industries is an expert when it comes to roll forming metal products. Our many years of producing our proprietary drawer slides have allowed us to develop the experience to produce the most demanding of parts.


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